Oh, So That’s Why The Owner of A Dallas-Based Restaurant Pushing Gun Control Won’t Comment

Link to Article:   Ellen’s, a Dallas-based restaurant, boldly planted their flag in the Second Amendment wars by declaring that a certain percentage of their business during the National Rifle’s Annual Meeting last week would go to backing “common sense” gun reforms. It’s all there on the receipts:

“Thanks for visiting Ellen’s! A portion of this week’s proceeds will be donated to organizations dedicated to implementing reasonable and effective gun regulations that protect citizens’ 2ndAmendment rights and also help and reduce needless gun violence. Welcome to Dallas!”

It’s fine that Ellen’s did this, but as with anything, be prepared for the fallout. And there was one—believe me. There was one. Probably not the biggest one that God has ever created, but it was quite large. It prompted Ellen’s to issue this milquetoast response via Instagram:

“We support the Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment, 100%. And like the NRA, we also support finding solutions to the senseless killings that happen much too frequently. We believe those two things are completely compatible.

After a very courteous and informative conversation with a customer, we realized how our message could be misconstrued and we moved quickly to clarify. By then, the situation had become viral.

We believe our position is anything but controversial. Rather, it is the American way of dealing with problems. Historically, every time we have had a big challenge, we have come together — Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, and Liberals — and put our collective brain power and dedication to the task.”

The NRA tweeted to its attendees to avoid Ellen’s. Joe Groves, the owners, did not respond for a request to comment. Maybe that’s because he was possibly caught red-handed. The NRA tweeted screenshots of Mr. Groves saying he would put a message at the bottom of his establishment’s receipts.

Next it was discovered on his Facebook Joe Groves status from March 25 reads, “Dilemma: taking lots of NRA money in the form of group reservations while they’re in Dallas, or taking a stand and telling them all to f**k off.”

Note:      From their web site On Mother’s Day Sunday, May 13, Ellen’s will be donating a portion of its proceeds from last week’s sales, combined with customer donations, to Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. The presentation of the gift in the amount of $15,000 will be made during a special Mother’s Day celebration to be held at the restaurant at 3 p.m.”

Admin Notes:      So it appears Joe Groves is really anti 2nd amendment but didn’t expect to take such a hit in his business.    Free speech is great but does have its results.

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