Hospital patient, 22, dumped in the street by workers wearing just a gown and socks as the hospital CEO apologizes

Link to Article:     The Baltimore man who filmed a hospital patient being dumped in the street wearing just a gown and socks on Tuesday night after being discharged said he was driven to record it because he was ‘enraged’ by how she was treated.

Imamu Baraka was leaving his office on Tuesday night when he saw staff from The University of Maryland Medical Center walking away from the woman after escorting her to a bus stop.

He filmed her walking around it, confused and crying it, in a video that has been viewed more than 2 million times on Facebook.

The hospital refuses to say what they treated the woman for or how long she had been there.

According to Baraka, one of the security guards suggested she had been ‘unruly’ inside and that this was why they discharged her.

When they discharged her, it was 37F, she was wearing just a hospital gown and socks, had blood smeared on her forehead and could not speak.

The woman has not been named but had been missing for two weeks.

Her family identified her from Baraka’s video and she has since been reunited with him.

In his video, Imamu can be heard begging hospital staff to do more to help her.

He called 911 when they ignored his demands and when police arrived, they took her back into the hospital.

Admin Notes:     Don’t know if this lady was unruly or not but I can’t see any reason for just dumping her out in the cold.

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