DOJ Redactions in #RussiaGate Hoax Prove Slimy, Self-Serving Scam

Link to Article:    It’s clear that DOJ/FBI demanded significant redactions not to protect national security or sources/methods, but to protect potentially corrupt officials from accountability for their actions before and after Trump’s election.

The Flynn redactions appear to have been done to protect a false statements case with no evidentiary basis.  Others were done to hide apparent conspiracy to spy on and leak against Trump officials out of spite over the election results.

In one section, initially redacted material suggests an investigation against Flynn that, per Comey, should have been closed was kept open because he may have *thwarted* Obama admin plans to provoke Russia into disproportionately attxkinf [sic] the U.S.

With that context in mind, additional redacted material suggests that the illegal leaks against Flynn were done entirely to justify continuing an investigation against him that the FBI had already determined was without basis.  This is not how the rule of law works.

Admin Notes:     Please contact Jeff Session and the DOJ to stop protecting themselves and either charge Trump on Russian collusion or close the investigation.

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