Conservative student cries foul after school revokes award

Link to Article:   A Texas student claims university administrators revoked an academic excellence award he was slated to receive due to his vocal commentary on the school’s bias against conservatives.

Quade Lancaster, a business student at Lone Star College-Tomball, told Campus Reform in April that he lost his position as student government president after he expressed pro-gun views in the wake of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

“I explained that I don’t think taking guns away will solve anything,” Lancaster explained, recounting a private conversation he had with fellow student government members in the student center.

The next day, administrator Shannon Marino told him he was being “demoted” to Vice President. Unlike at other most universities, Lancaster’s position was appointed, not elected, and therefore his demotion happened with no input from the student body.

…  After Lancaster was demoted, he spoke to Campus Reform to sound the alarm, alleging that he was demoted due to his conservative views. Since then, Lancaster reported that the school “has been retaliating against me left and right.”

The most recent example of this, he claims, has been the revocation of an academic excellence award he was nominated for by a former professor. Campus Reform obtained a copy of his invitation letter, which encouraged him to bring family to the April 26 event.

Admin Notes:   Please contact Lone Star College-Tomball about their obvious bias against a conservative student.

Lone Star College-Tomball:      Phone: (281) 351-3300    Shannon Marino (Administrator) Email:      Dr. Lee Ann Nutt (President) Email:        Facebook     Twitter: @lonestarcollege