Bank of America Reneges on Anti-Gun Pledge Almost Immediately

Link to Article:    Thanks to “activists” such as David Hogg and company, a number of corporations and media organizations around the nation have been targeted for boycott due to their association with the National Rifle Association – relationships that usually entail nothing more than a discount program for NRA members similar to the way that AAA operates.

Still, the left demanded that these private companies acquiesce to their own private opinion of how America should work, and their own definition of the 24 decades-old Constitution.  Bank of America, at the near-certain behest of their marketing department, quickly denounced the Second Amendment and vowed to discontinue any business that they conduct with the makers of semi-automatic rifles.

Then, days later, they chose profits over their newly-founded principles.

Bank of America Corp is preparing to provide critical financing to Remington Outdoor Co, which makes assault-type rifles, just weeks after the U.S. bank said it would stop financing “military-style” firearms for civilians.

Admin Notes:    Even though Bank of America said this was in the works before they became anti 2nd Amendment its likely they have shifted back.   Lets hope so.

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